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kuuroko [userpic]

64 Accelerator icons!~

4th April 2012 (22:10)

current mood: accomplished

So I heard you like albino'sCollapse )


Please PLEASE do NOT hotlink!

(You do not have to ask permission to use these but do not claim as your own, credit is welcome~)


kuuroko [userpic]

First post~

2nd April 2012 (18:51)

current mood: cheerful

  So um hi? My name's Alice and I guess this is my first journal entry ehe. 
  This will most definitely be all Railgun and Index related because well they are kind of my favourite anime's and Toaru is my favourite Light Novel.

I'll probably make alot of icon/gif posts because well you can never have too much Kuroko and Accelerator!~
Ja Ne for now C:

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